South Australia

South Australia

About South Australia

Situated in Australia’s central south, South Australia covers some of Australia’s most arid areas of serenity and dusty plains, sharply contrasted with a variety of glorious green wine regions and southern beaches, adding to the state’s vibrant multicultural melting pot of art, culture and nature. Fondly known as the ‘city of churches’ due to the large number scattered throughout the city, South Australia’s capital is Adelaide. An elegant city full of cultural celebrations, art and epicurean delights, Adelaide has more than 700 cafes, restaurant and pubs serving an array of international cuisine, closely located to the internationally renowned wine regions of the Barossa, Clare Valley and McLaren Vale.

Home to some 1.6 million people, South Australia is the country’s fifth largest city, featuring some of Australia’s most iconic destinations such as Kangaroo Island, the Flinders Range and the Murray River . With a Mediterranean temperature in the southern parts of the state, South Australia has cool wet winters and hot dry summers, unlike many other Australian states that sometimes have it backwards.

A state well reputed for its food, wine and produce, South Australia is the wine and seafood capital of the country. With 13 wine regions and a higher ratio of eateries to residents than any other city in Australia, wining and dining is an activity thoroughly enjoyed in South Australia. Whether you choose to swim with the sharks, soak up the culture or meander in the great outdoors, South Australia’s diverse landscapes and rich history make for an eye opening holiday.

What to do in South Australia

Here you will the best of what South Australia has on offer, with a list of the top 15 destinations, attractions and activities every visitor should see, do and explore for themselves.






Rock Climbing


Whale Watching


National Parks

Limestone Coast


Beaches & Surfing


Flinders Ranges

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