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Flinders Ranges, South Australia

An ampitheatre of natural entertainment

South Australia’s largest mountain range is that of the Flinders Ranges, an internationally renowned landmark of Australia. A stretch of over 430 kilometers, the Flinders Ranges are situated in the state’s east, from Port Pirie through to Lake Callabonna.

Flinders Ranges, South Australia

What can I do in the Flinders Ranges?

Once in the Flinders Ranges, entertainment is catered for, whether it’s a sunset camel ride in Quorn with a warm summer’s breeze or observing the award winning public art space that is the Ikara Meeting Place. An arid region of red dust, blossoming wildlife and spectacular rock formations, flora and fauna found within the Flinders Ranges are unique and unusual.

Wedge Tailed Eagles, parrots and kangaroos are just some of Australia’s furry and fluttering friends awaiting your arrival at the Flinders Ranges, alongside large numbers of reptiles such as geckos, goannas and lizards. Rest assured, they will not harm you, providing you don’t provoke them or attempt to get too close.

The natural amphitheatre of mountains in the Flinders Ranges is one of South Australia’s most famous attractions, known as Wilpena Pound. The centerpiece of Flinders Ranges National Park, Wilpena Pound stretches for 17 kilometers, covering 8000 hectares.

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