About Victoria

From the goldfields to the football fields, Victoria is some of Australia’s most iconic and historically defining areas and attractions. Small but mighty, Victoria is Australia’s smallest mainland state, with more than 2000 kilometers of coastline, hundreds of beaches and a state capital filled with lovers of culture, art and music. Situated underneath New South Wales, Victoria is in Australia’s south east and is the main port to Tasmania, situated below.

Home to an estimated 5 million people, Victorians seem to like being cozy in the city, with 75% of the population nestled in and around the state capital of Melbourne. Named after the Queen at the time of settlement, Victoria’s landscape is greatly diverse, bursting with unspoiled beaches, forests and picture perfect wine regions. Hosting some of Australia’s most prestigious and internationally renowned events, Victoria is home to the Spring Racing Carnival, the Australian Open Tennis and is the birthplace of the internationally renowned Australian Rules Football.

Whether you choose to wind around the wonders with a drive on the Great Ocean Road or head for a coffee in the city, made by the best baristas in Australia, Victoria has an activity and attraction to cater for every traveller.

What to do in Victoria

Here you will the best of what Victoria has on offer, with a list of the top 15 destinations, attractions and activities every visitor should see, do and explore for themselves.






Live Music



Beaches & Surfing

Historic Buildings

Road Trip

Day Spas




Additionally, experience Victoria's hospitality by taking a look at the many restaurants, bars and accommodation services available

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