Wineries in Victoria

Australia's Mediterranean playground

North east Victoria is comprised of five wine regions, all wineries in which are reflective of their unique climate and topographic differences. Ranging from vibrant Italian style wines to Muscat and sparkling, these wine regions are situated in a picturesque area of Victoria, with wineries to the east a gateway to the ski fields.

Wineries in Victoria

Where is Victoria's wine region?

Encompassing chilly mountain ranges, dry rolling hills and humid plains, the diverse regions within central Victoria all produce an array of different wine varieties. With shiraz country to the west and white and sparkling wines to the east, match your wines with central Victoria’s accompanying local produce, where an abundance of lamb, cheese and vegetables are grown and produced.

Gippsland is home to over 100 vineyards and more than 40 wines, closely located to Melbourne. Each sub region in Gippsland has a distinct characteristics, all reflected in the wines produced. From the Mediterranean climate of the east where pinot noir and cabernet sauvignon reign supreme, to the west, where warm dry autumns produce riesling and sauvignon blanc, make sure not to limit Gippsland’s winery tour to one day.

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