BBQ Eggplant Stack


½ kg very ripe tomatoes, cut into halves
2 eggplants cut into 1 cm rounds
250-300g goats cheese
1 large bunch of basil, roughly chopped
1 tbsp cumin
2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
2 tsp Murray River sea salt
2 tsp pepper


Pre-heat the BBQ to medium/high heat.

Brush the eggplant and tomato with olive oil, cumin, salt and pepper. Place on the BBQ and cook for 4-5 minutes each side, leave to cool.

Stack a slice of eggplant, tomato, a little basil, goats cheese, eggplant, and place on a plate.

Repeat the stacking until all of the ingredients are used. Sprinkle with extra virgin olive oil and serve.

Serves 4

Recipes by Zoe Bingley-Pullin from Nutritional Edge premium health studio.

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