Prawn Toast and Gotcha Mayo - Recipe by Sum Yung Guys

Prawn Toast and Gotcha Mayo - Recipe by Sum Yung Guys


1 kg shelled and deveined Mooloolaba prawns
4 egg whites
50 ml sesame oil
50 ml soy sauce
Large pinch of salt
Large pinch of white pepper
10 slice white bread
Black and white sesame seeds

Gotcha Mayo:

4 egg yolks
70 ml vinegar
100 g Gochujang paste
Sea salt
Vegetable oil


Place prawns, egg white, soy, sesame oil, salt and pepper into a food processor and blend to a smooth mousse.

Remove and spread 100 g on each piece of bread, press the mousse side of the bread into the mixed sesame seeds and cut into four triangles.

Heat deep fryer to 180 C and place pieces in prawn side down. Cook for about three minutes, flip over and cook other side until bread is golden brown.

Remove from fryer and season with sea salt.

Gotcha Mayo:

Place egg yolks, vinegar, salt and Gochujang paste in blender on medium speed and slowly add oil until thick. Check seasoning and spice levels and adjust accordingly.

Serve with prawn toast.

Recipe provided by Sum Yung Guys