Orange Cocktail Inspiration

Which orange cocktail are you?

Orange Cocktail Inspiration

1 Breakfast Margarita

For the early riser. This is our sneaky mix of breakfast condiments with some zesty liquids to put a kick into your morning.

2 Moroccan Spritzer

For the traveller. Take a journey across the world with one sip of this tantalising beverage, bedazzled with mint springs and slices of blood orange for an overall exotic look.

3 The Lucien Gaudin

For the overachiever. Named after French fencer Lucien Gaudin who won a gold or silver medal in every Olympic event he entered in 1920, 1924 and 1928, as well as winning two international champion’s titles, a European title and nine consecutive French titles.

4 Orange Creamsicle Martini

For the sweet tooth. Though you may not be familiar with the American Creamsicle Popsicles that this drink takes its inspiration from, you can find familiarity after appreciating the taste of this smooth and creamy martini.

5 Blood Orange Cosmo

For the trendsetter. Gather your clique for a girl’s night catch-up and gossip the night away with one (or two) of these delicious blood orange cosmos in hand.

6 Tequila Sunrise

For the partier. The two-toned layering of vibrant colours is sure to get you into a party mood, and if that doesn’t, then the tequila surely will! The best part is the Vitamin C from the orange juice will help you with tomorrow’s recovery phase.

Compiled by Julie Johnson.