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Fizz and Pop for the New Year

New Year’s Eve should be celebrated in style, with a crowd of your nearest and dearest, upbeat tunes, exceptional food and invigorating cocktails. We have done the hard work for you and compiled a go-to list of some of our favourite cocktails of the year, so all you’ll have to do is ask your guests if they prefer their drink shaken or stirred.Fizz and Pop for the New Year

Raspberry Champagne Cocktail

A New Year’s Eve wouldn’t be complete without a traditional glass of bubbles. Mix things up by adding a squeeze of lemon and chopped raspberries to a champagne flute before adding your favourite brut.

Grapefruit and Strawberry Cocktail Popsicle

A fun way to serve up cocktails is in Popsicle form with these alcoholic icy poles. With the sweetness of the strawberries complementing the tartness of the grapefruit juice, the frozen texture makes for a refreshing burst of flavour.

Nectarine Plum Cocktail

For those who prefer a mock-tail, make use of the plump and juicy nectarines in season this Summer with this refreshing nectarine and mint drink.

The Kanela Cocktail

For a midnight pick me up, whip up these energising cocktails with the punchy flavours of Kahlua and espresso, it will have you dancing into the early hours of the morning.   

Vanilla Pear Cocktail

This cocktail is beautifully presented with a delicate slice of pear atop a sugared rim. A smooth blend of vanilla, vodka and pear juice make for a sweet cocktail served ice cold.


Spice things up with this Acapulco recipe, a rum based cocktail and the perfect blank canvas to add any garnish too.

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