Jamie Oliver Says 'Ditch the Sugar'

Jamie Oliver’s eye opening one off documentary, Sugar Rush, will provide an insight into how the over consumption of sugar is contributing to the alarmingly high rates of obesity and chronic disease on a world-wide level. Set to air in Australia Sunday, September 20 on Network Ten, Jamie Oliver’s documentary is a must see for anyone wanting to make conscious and well-informed decisions about their health.

Jamie Oliver Says 'Ditch the Sugar'

Photograph from www.independent.co.uk.

An estimated 1 in 3 adults and around a quarter of children in Australia are considered to be overweight. With these rates on the rise, Jamie looks at how sugar is a major factor contributing to these shockingly high statistics.

The documentary examines how high sugar consumption is contributing to obesity, in particular childhood obesity and the growing rates of chronic disease, such as type 2 diabetes. According to guidelines set by the World Health Organisation (WHO), the daily intake of sugar should be less than 10% of your daily energy intake. However statistics show that on average in Australia, consumption of sugar far exceeds this recommended amount.

Jamie’s documentary puts emphasis on the fact that sugar sweetened beverages such as cordial, soft drinks, sports drinks and energy drinks are huge contributors to high sugar consumption. According to research, if someone consumes 340ml of sugary drink a day then they are increasing their risk of developing type 2 diabetes by 22%. A scary prospect considering that 340ml equates to less than one can of sugary drink, with one average-sized can containing 375ml.

Throughout the documentary Jamie also looks at how he can equip people with practical cooking skills to limit the consumption of sugar ridden processed foods. Introducing children to the fun of cooking nutritious and simple meals is also something Jamie believes is vital in promoting healthy eating habits.

“Chronic disease and childhood obesity are crippling health issues in Australia as well as in the UK. Australia is such a beautiful country, with an abundance of great fresh produce and opportunities to indulge in a healthy lifestyle. We need to join together to celebrate healthy food and home cooking, to ditch the soft drink and take away and fight for a healthier future for our kids,” ~ Jamie Oliver.

Sugar Rush is scheduled to air in Australia Sunday, September 20 on Network Ten. Check out Jamie's Ministry of Food here. For more information on Sugar Rush head here.

By Sarah Dionysius.