Diving & Snorkelling in Australia

Serene waters combined with a mind blowing display of marine life and colour

When it comes to diving or snorkelling in Australia, the Great Barrier Reef is the first spot in mind. But with the wonder of the great reef aside, Australia’s coastlines are the home of some of the most picturesque vast and varied snorkelling hotspots. Due to its location, Australia’s marine life is a fascinating display of colours, shapes and sizes and their home is a definite sight to see.

Diving & Snorkelling in Australia

Where are some diving & snorkelling spots in Australia?

Just as scenic as the Great Barrier Reef, the coastline of Western Australia is abundant in marine life, with refreshing aqua blue water and soft white sand beaches. Destinations such as Rottnest Island and Turquoise Bay allow you to wade into the waters, put on your snorkel and explore the underwater kingdom. Monkey Mia is the ticket if you’re looking to dive and snorkel with the dolphins and if you’re game, take a trip to Ningaloo Reef to swim with the whale shark.

South Australia also offers a chance to get up and close with marine life, where you can snorkel with giant cuttlefish, cage dive with great white sharks near Port Lincoln and somersault with the curious sea lions at Baird Bay.

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