Australia's Waterfall Wonderland

Explore the natural beauty of Australia's vast and varied waterfalls

The natural beauty of the country’s waterfalls are amongst some of the top natural sites to see along your travels and stand as rushing proof that Australia is not just a big, red, dusty plain. Australian waterfalls are vast and varied, located in every type of surrounding, from the red deserts of the outback to the swampy crocodile lands of Australia’s top end. Picture perfect for photographs and picnics, you are also allowed to swim in many of the country’s waterfalls, aside from the inaccessible and dangerous, of course.

Australia's Waterfall Wonderland

Where are some of Australia's best waterfalls?

Australian waterfalls are often used as a watering hole for those who are not closely located to the beach or who want to veer away from the crowds to relax. Popular with the locals, waterfalls such as Queensland’s Crystal Cascades to Florence Falls in the Northern Territory are often busy areas for regular waterfall swimmers. Australia wide, waterfalls are the next best thing to a backyard pool.

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