10 Wonderful Valentine's Day Desserts

10 Wonderful Valentine's Day Desserts

1. Cherry Pie Ice Cream for when you're feeling sweet.

2. Bittersweet Chocolate and Pomegranate Tarts for when you're bitter but not so bitter that you forget about Valentine's Day.

3. Burnt Caramel Bourbon Ice Cream, for those that love a little alcohol.

4. Brownie Ice Cream Sandwiches, for those that are reminiscent of their child hood years.

5. Alpine Strawberries and Mangosteen by Martin Benn, for those that like a little challenge.

6. Manu Fieldel's raspberry souffle, for the true romantics at heart.

7. Chocolate Mousse, for the simple but tweet toothed.

8. Coffee Meringue Kisses, for those that don't mind being woken up in the morning with kisses as long as there's coffee involved.

9. The Chocolate Elements Plate, for those that compartmentalise Valentine's Day.

10. The Love Bite - no explanation needed.