Colin Anderson

Colin Anderson

Colin's passion for food started at a young age in Glasgow, Scotland, where he took on the mantle of cooking for the family. This was followed by summer holiday work on a lobster "creel" boat off the west coast of Scotland. His ethos of cooking local, quality produce simply and respectfully was cemented.

Colin worked in a few Scottish institutions before deciding to move to London to progress his career further working under Paul Walsh at 28-50 as sous chef then, under the recommendation of Paul, going to work at 3 Michelin starred Restaurant Gordon Ramsay under Clare Smyth. He then returned to work for Paul, this time as sous chef at Jason Atherton's City Social, helping achieve a Michelin star after only 5 months.

For quite some time he has been interested in the Australian food scene and in January 2015 Colin took on the position of Senior Sous chef at Peter Gilmore's Quay in Sydney where he was until the position at Cullen wines came around and he couldn't resist.

Colin describes his food as product driven and clean making sure to utilise Cullen's fantastic Organic, biodynamic garden produce.

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