Winter Bucket List

Warm Up This Winter with a Few Foodie Goals

Granted the traditional bucket list is designed to list things you want to accomplish before you die. But the whole idea had us thinking… whether your expiry date is nearing, your shelf life is only just beginning, or you’re contentedly perched in between, come winter there’s every reason to ponder your foodie bucket list and seize the day.

Winter Bucket List

Five Things to Do Before Winter Ends

This particular bucket list is a little less dramatic than say a Hollywood movie, rather the humble intention is to embrace the winter season by setting a few goals to light the fire of your inner foodie and live life to its fullest. With winter upon us once again, for some this can lead to a dampening of spirits and it need not be the case.

Rather than hide from the cold or evade wintry opportunities, we offer this modest challenge. Come up with five things to do before winter concludes, particularly appealing to your inner foodie - that’s it, it’s that simple. Since you’re the one setting the goals, we promise they’ll satisfy your deep and inner need for a little je nes sais quoi?

Bucket List Ideas to Fire You Up

Here are our five foodie bucket list suggestions for winter; whether you opt for a few of these ideas or create your own, make sure you set your intentions and write them down. Then be sure cross the items off your individualized foodie bucket list before the end of August.

1.)Learn something new

The possibilities are endless when it comes to learning something new because there’s always a gap in our knowledge. Personal satisfaction is the garnish on a great educational opportunity.

Consider sprucing up your kitchen wisdom with a class at Foragers Field Kitchen & Cooking School, where you will make fresh, wholesome country food from locally grown produce.

There are many restaurants out there offering specialized cooking classes that will appeal to you, and by signing up for one you’re guaranteed a sense of personal achievement.

Check out our Restaurant Guide and discover establishments near you offering to teach you a bit about their trade.

Winter Bucket List

2.)Treat yourself to an A-grade celeb style night

Book one night or a weekend special in the penthouse suite of a five-star hotel and live it up, arriving in a limo of course and then splurging further by making reservations at their award-winning restaurant. When role playing the high flying celebrity, however, don’t take it too far by showing up fashionably late for your booking (unless you really are famous).

In the heart of Melbourne CBD, let the Grand Hyatt and Collins Kitchen treat you like the star you are.

If you’re a foodie through and through, perhaps pretend you’re a celebrated Australian food critic whilst dining. Upon returning to your room, refresh in your oversized spa bath and partake in the fully-stocked open bar.

Our Accommodation Guide will direct you to a luxurious place to stay in your choice destination.

Winter Bucket List

3.)Explore Australia with food and wine matching in mind

Do you have a habit of escaping the winter with international holidays? Australia is full of hidden gems and with food and wine matching in mind you’ll find delicious haunts with haute couture sensibilites waiting for you to find them.

Discover Merilba Estate Cellar Door in Uralla NSW, a picturesque winery in the New England countryside. Tasting their award-winning cool climate wines will warm you right up, and their restaurant will serve an amazing meal.

Extensive vineyards, thematic cellar doors and gourmet restaurants await you all over the country.

Seek out your winery destination beyond state borders or close to home in our Wineries Guide.

Winter Bucket List

4.)Put together a theme party

There’s always a venue on the fringe of the city or in your local community that is the perfect place for a party. If there’s no wedding (or divorce), birthday (or wake – that you know of), or anniversary get-togethers planned for the winter it can be a long season. Punctuate any seasonal stagnancy with your creativity and put together a theme party.

We recommend a bar venue to keep the atmosphere casual in a space where people can be themselves (even if you request they make an appearance in thematic costuming). Consider Scholars Wine Bar, for instance; if we were hosting a blues-busting winter theme party here we’d request people appear in Albert Einstien attire.

You may already have the perfect place in mind, though here’s the Bars Guide for easy reference.

5.)Pump up your adrenaline

A great thing to do when the weather turns is to get outdoors and pump up your adrenaline with winter sports. Downhill skiing and snowboard fields are yours for the taking and there are always convivial chalets with fires ablaze and aromatic restaurants welcoming you with hearty fare.

One suggestion is Ben Lomond, just an hour southeast of Launceston, where luxury guesthouses and Edwardian accommodation will make you feel right at home.

There’s an Attractions Guide on our site that will offer you a plethora of ideas, for both the hardcore and softcore adventurer in you.

Winter Bucket List

Live It Up and Cross Out Your Bucket List This Winter

Our foodie bucket list is a compilation of tips, take it or leave it. Most importantly, use these ideas as a guide and draft your own version. You only have three months so get to it. With every tick off your personalized bucket list, you’ll evoke that joie de vivre and warm up to winter in a foodie way of your own design.