Winter Survival Guide

June 2012

Healthy Eating & Action Plan

Feeling extra hungry in winter? I have a few thoughts on this; firstly our metabolism does have to work faster to keep us warm in winter so this could explain why most people say they feel hungrier in winter. Since it's too cold and dark to walk in the morning, exercise becomes a thing of the past.

Who wants salads and fruit in winter? So grabbing high fat stodgy food is tempting in the cold weather. Being stuck at home getting bored and lonely can also turn us to food for comfort which wreaks havoc with our weight.

A non-stodgy recipe option by Annette Sym, Asian Lamb Potato Curry.

As I just mentioned, boredom is one of the main culprits of overeating; when you’re bored and stuck at home in rainy weather, it’s easy to eat out of boredom which can be dangerous to anyone's weight loss efforts.

Winter Survival Guide

This in turn can lead to negative thoughts and feelings of guilt and before you know it, you're off track and out of control and have given up. The best thing you can do this winter is to avoid being bored at all costs. The cold weather has just started and will be with us for a few more months so it is vital to remain stimulated if we want to avoid the winter woes.

Don’t be fooled by the false security baggy jumpers and tracksuits can give. Maybe you could hang your swimming costume somewhere where it can be seen, a reminder of warmer days to come.

How can you find the motivation to exercise in winter? Your body needs to keep active even if it is cold outside! If it is raining then why not play music and do a workout at home, hire a walking machine over winter. Change your routine to the afternoons if it is too cold in the morning or why not join a gym. Remember your body was designed to move so keep active and your body will thank you for it.

The cold weather has just started so now is the time to find ways to keep positive and motivated during winter. Maybe it's time to set new goals and challenges. Let's make this winter the best winter ever and when summer arrives you will be so proud of what you have achieved.

Want to alleviate boredom this winter? Why not draft your own winter bucketlist...

Winter Survival Guide