True Blue Australian Pubs

Shout a round or two, yarn with the locals and enjoy the absurdity

So, what’s a true Aussie pub like? Well, there’s beer, of course. No fuss, no fancy meals and the next pub? Let’s just say it’s not within walking distance by a long shot. For a quintessentially Australian experience, a night at a truly Aussie pub is high on the priority list. There is no shortage of pubs in Australia, but to really make it a unique experience, the more remote, the better. A night of wide open space, warm breezes and cold beers are best enjoyed in a group, where you can enjoy an outback meal and yarn to the locals. If a night under the stars won’t cut it, there are plenty of outback pubs that offer motel style facilities, so you won’t have far to fall once the locals challenge you to a drinking contest.

True Blue Australian Pubs

Where are the true blue Aussie pubs?

The Northern Territory is home to many an outback pub and makes for a truly unique Australian experience, largely due to the brashness of the locals and a dusty, sunblessed environment. Humpty Doo hotel couldn’t sound any more Australian if it tried and is well worth spending an evening at. As the locals say, “when you’re in Humpty Doo, do as humpties do”, this pub gets extremely rowdy, particularly at the end of the working week. The Dally Waters pub is another Northern Territory icon, first built to service the drovers and settlers. During the dry season, this pub serves up beef and barramundi off the barbecue, with entertainment provided every night of the week. The most authentic watering holes however are not mentioned on any website and are most likely to be found in a small, rural stopover town.

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