Thai at Home

Re-live exotic holidays and experience the flavours of tantalising Thai dishes once again with these recipes below, from variations of a classic Pad Thai to skillful culinary delights such as the Asian Eggnet, becoming an ever-popular creation and dish to delve into with friends.

Thai at Home

1. Steamed Whole Baby Barramundi with chilli, garlic and lime by Shayne Austin.

Those who have visited Thailand and eaten out enough know that the Thai people love to serve fish whole, just like this baby Barra. Combined with mouth-watering herbs and spices, share an experience digging into this fish flesh with friends and accompany it with tasty sides.

2.Thai Green Chicken Curry.

Another easy and much-loved Thai dish. If craving Thai cuisine with a kick, whip up this curry dish adopting a green tinge from green chillies with a bit of bite. The coconut milk cools it a little, so adjust it to taste depending on your preferences, or serve it with plenty of spice-dulling rice.

3. Asian Eggnet.

Break through the egg net and find a catch of pork and prawns below, mixed with peanuts and caramelised coconut and served with a cucumber relish. Fresh, crisp and crunchy mixed with tender meats; this dish can be placed in the middle of the table and shared as a great accompaniment to larger mains.

4. Penang Duck Curry.

Highlighted with the smooth flavour of caramelised pumpkin, this dish traditionally takes on strong influences from Indian curries. It offers a vibrant red hue and a thicker gravy consistency from the ground peanuts.

5. Pad Thai.

Everyone’s go-to Thai dish! If you are yet to try Thai cuisine, Pad Thai is an excellent place to start, with subtle flavours and familiar ingredients presented in an easy, family friendly dish.

6. Ian Thorpe’s Pad Thai with Squid ‘Noodles’.

If you’re on top of throwing together a tasty Pad Thai, swap out your noodles for Ian Thorpe’s lower carb version, cutting noodles from squid. He also adds in a few unusual ingredients better found in Asian grocers. Surprise your taste buds by giving his version a crack!

7. Pork Porridge Soup by Shayne Austin.

Also known as Jok, many Thai people begin their day with this dish. If you feel uncomfortable eating pork porridge for breakfast, make it at another time of day that feels right for you.

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