Tantalising Thai Sweets

As of August 2016, 7.6% of Australians’ travel plans included a visit to Thailand, whether for holidaying, visiting friends and family or on business trips. In 2015, it was recorded that Australians were the sixth largest contributors to Thailand’s economy, spending 29.021 billion baht, or over one billion Aussie dollars over the course of a year, and in 2014, Thailand was in our top ten favourite destinations – and still is!

From these statistics, and from a constant influx of ‘hot travel deals’ to Thailand, it’s clear to see just how much we love our Asian neighbours. We also love enjoying a bit of Thailand at home too with Thai restaurants popping up in every neighbourhood and standout chef hatted venues such asLongrain,Long Chim PerthandThe Spirit House Restaurantall proving popular places to spoil ourselves. For those house bound for the foreseeable future, sweeten yourself with a Thai dessert experience at home, testing these recipes out for style and flavour.

Tantalising Thai Sweets

1. Coconut Ice-cream.

A perfect treat to enjoy after a spicy Thai green curry; grab some extra coconut milk and make this delicious coconut ice-cream dessert at home. This dessert is great to cool you down on hot days or after a meal with a bit of heat, and is dairy free and completely vegan for those with dietary requirements.

2. Thai Tea.

Thai Tea is popular and commonly drunk in Thailand, both hot and cold, with variations of spices in the mix. Typically, it's made with Ceylon or black tea and flavoured with spices like star anise, cloves and tamarind. Almost always it's topped with sweetened condensed milk and will often have boba tapioca pearls in it.

3. Pandan Agar Agar.

Taste earthy and nutty flavours through the agar agar and a sweet and creamy texture in the coconut through this sweet treat, easily eaten just as a snack just walking past the fridge, or pour it into your favourite moulds to make a special themed dessert.

4. Pancakes.

Paper thin pancakes, crepes, or sweet roti are commonly made by street vendors in popular Thai tourist destinations. All they need is a hot plate, a container of batter and a few popular toppings like banana, Nutella, honey, lemon and sugar and they’ll be whipping these sweet breads up before your very eyes, at all hours of the day and night.

5. Baked Coconut Rice Pudding.

Finish off a feast in traditional Thai style with a sweet rice pudding, or eat it for breakfast! Though this may seem similar to the mango and coconut pudding, this dish is also flexible, so that it can be served hot, warm or cold - the decision is up to you.

6. Mango and Coconut Sticky Rice Pudding.

Popular in restaurants and eateries across the country, this mango and coconut dessert makes the most of Thailand’s delicious produce. If juicy mangoes are out of season, substitute the mango puree and slices with banana, pineapple or any other of your favourite tropical fruits.

7. Tab Tim Grob.

Also known as red rubies, these grapefruit looking balls in coconut milk are actually water chestnuts coloured red for aesthetic appeal. The coconut milk helps to soften the chestnuts and this makes for a refreshing dessert.

8. Bubble Tea.

The novelty of boba in bubble tea never gets old. Sweet and icy cold, this drink is not only refreshing, but fun to drink. Try it for yourself with a home recipe or head to your nearest boba store.

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