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Our Top 5 Summer Cocktails

This gorgeous summer weather means more fun in the sun, parties with friends and poolside hangouts. While the adventures and excitement of holiday season is on, treat your friends to a few of the refreshing, fun drinks below.

Our Top 5 Summer Cocktails

Breakfast Margarita

A margarita inspired by a classic breakfast of marmalade on toast. Don’t worry; we won’t judge you on what time of day you decide to enjoy this cocktail.

Our Top 5 Summer Cocktails

Exotic Margarita

Refined, yet fruity and fun, see and be seen with this exotic drink in your hand, pleasing the palate with flavours like Cointreau and pomegranate.

Our Top 5 Summer Cocktails

Watermelon keg

Entertain the whole party with this keg of watermelon punch, straight out of the fruit! It looks cool, tastes great and guests can top up their own drinks whenever they like.

Our Top 5 Summer Cocktails

Kiwi Cocktail

Make the most of these delicious sweet summer fruits while they are here for the season in this thicker textured drink.

Our Top 5 Summer Cocktails

Frozen Lemonade with White Rum

Cool off on hot summer days with this icy beverage. Smooth and tropical with coconut rum, garnished with a slice of lemon to cut through the creamy taste, what more could you want?

Compiled by Julie Johnson.

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