Watermelon Keg

Watermelon Keg


1 large watermelon
Sharp chef's knife
Paring knife
Wooden spoon
Tap kit (shank and tap)

Watermelon sour:

4 cups watermelon puree
120 ml fruit flavoured liqueur
230 ml gin
2 cups sour mix
Sparkling rose
Lime slices, for garnish


Watermelon keg:

Slice watermelon at the bottom to keep it standing straight.

Cut a lid from the top, scoop entire watermelon clean and set fruit aside in a bowl.

Cut a hole slightly smaller than the shank at the bottom of the hollowed melon, insert the shank and attach the tap.

Fill melon with cocktail of choice and enjoy.

Watermelon sour:

In a jug, mix puree, liqueur, gin and sour mix and refrigerate.

Add sparkling rose, pour into the watermelon keg and enjoy.

** You may need to add ice depending on the temperature of the day.

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