News: Kogan in online grocery sector

Industry News February 3/2/15

Australia's biggest online retailer has launched Kogan Pantry, a new online grocery service which is said to offer Australians groceries at cheaper priced - Source AFN.

Food Ministers are taking further action to stop the consumption of raw milk with a forum - however they have allowed the production of raw milk cheese products. - Source AFN. #bathmilk

A Kingsland (Canberra) Vegetarian restaurant morally opposed to killing cockroach infestation. - Source Hospitality Magazine.

Australian Chef Shannon Kellam has come 12th at the 2015 world finals of the Bocuse d'OR - it's our best position ever in the French competition. - Source Hospitality Magazine. #aussiesdoingitbest

Beyonce launches a vegan meal delivery program with trainer Marco Borges, company name is 22 Days Nutrition, so look out for it and you can become Queen of Kale too. - Source Eater. #flawlessNomiku launches "Tender & Juicy & Moist" tees on teespring. - Source Teespring. Le Guide Michelin 2015 has been released in Paris, Alain Ducasse's Plaza Athenee earned just two stars after reopening. - Source Eater.