Museums in Australia

When travelling Australia, stop to discover its many fascinating stories

Save this activity for a rainy day. Museums are best when thoroughly appreciated and explored and although Australia is a relatively new country, the history behind it is something that every traveller should know. Every state in Australia has a national gallery, full of art and history and are all well worth a visit, whichever state you happen to find yourself in. The National Museum of Australia is a social history museum focusing on indigenous history, European settlement and our environmental interaction, standing as a great place to start for those looking to learn.

Museums in Australia

Unusual Australian Museums

However, it’s granted that history and art do not hold the attention of everybody- particularly children, so if on a family vacation think interactive and discover the wonders of science and technology with a trip to Victoria’s Scienceworks, an interactive adventure full of hands on learning and entertainment. Exhibitions, activities, performances and planetarium shows make up the amusement at Scienceworks

For a museum that delves away from the usual, The Museum of Human Disease run by the University of Sydney is a museum that offers a display of just that. Not for the faint hearted, this museum is full of amazingly interesting specimens, each belonging to a person and with each display, a story lies behind. Additionally, for a weird and wonderful adventure, Ripley’s Museum in Surfers Paradise is full of the unbelievable, odd, bizarre and strange.

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