Museums in the ACT

Uncover a past and present Australia

Rich in history, the ACT has squeezed in as many museums as it can into its tiny territory. Make sure to take a few days to explore around and discover the welath of knowledge that awaits. From science to art, it seems Canberra has it all covered.

Museums in the ACT

Museums in the ACT

To start your ACT Museum experience, what better way to jump straight into history than with a trip to the Canberra Museum and Gallery. An art gallery and museum dedicated to celebrating the regions rich history and nationwide talent, the Canberra Museum and Gallery plays host to a selection of local, national and international exhibitions, but mainly fixates on the historical and social developments of the state.

If it’s science you’re after, the CSIRO Discovery Centre is an award winning attraction offering an interactive journey through health and science history. Containing two floors of glass front laboratories, where scientists and technicians are seen researching, you are able to not only interact with the surrounding exhibits, but see science in progress. Focusing on the CSIRO’s research into topics such as ecological preservation, new technology and health, this centre is perfect for a family day out or rainy day activity.

An activity that both national and international visitors should undertake whilst in Canberra is the National Capital Exhibition, a series of interactive displays that tell the story of Australia’s capital city. Discover why Canberra was chosen as the nations capital, enjoy the Canberra sound and light show and learn of the indigenous people of the area while you explore the exhibits that tell the tale of this city’s past, present and future development.

For a look at some of the nation’s most memorable faces, head to the National Gallery of Australia, home to more than 120,000 works of art. Come face to face with some of Australia’s most memorable faces and places by taking a wander through the various halls of this Brutalist style building. Collections at the gallery include photography, crafts and sculptures as well as visiting international exhibitions. Home to works by the famous Andy Warhol, Jackson Pollock and Claude Monet, the National Gallery is a destination for inspiration.

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