Interview: Gearing up for the 2015 AGFG Chef Hats

With the new year approaching, AGFG is getting ready to announce their Chef Hats for 2015. With that notion we spoke to Hadleigh Troy a 4 Chef Hat winner for Restaurant Amusé in East Perth, WA.

Hadleigh's menu is influenced by long forged relationships with West Australian growers and producers, their products inspire dishes such as Marron, carrot, fennel and quinoa as well as beef, beetroot, black garlic and salted plum. Restaurant Amusé will be closing in 2017, so if you haven't yet been it's an experience of which you cannot miss.

Beef, beetroot, black garlic and salted plum.

AGFG: Which dish at Amusé, so far, has been the most fun to create?

Hadleigh: I would have to say one of our amuse-bouche that has been on and off the menu since our early days. It combines white chocolate, black olive toffee, red wine vinegar, chicken liver parfait and salmon roe. It's Fun for me as it’s a combination of some of my wife Carolynne’s favourite flavours. It was a nice challenge putting it together for her and the reaction that it gets from our guests is always rewarding.

AGFG: What is your favourite way of combining chocolate into a dish?

Hadleigh: My name is Hadleigh and I am a chocoholic… seriously I am! I love any excuse to work with chocolate however it’s always fun to use it when its least expected such as in savoury salty combinations like the one above.

AGFG: We’ve heard you’re wrapping up Amuse in 2017, what’s your vision for your last three years?

Hadleigh: Yep 2017 will be when we close our doors. Until then, our commitment is to our loyal guests, delivering on their expectations of us and sharing special nights and memories with them. We are so fortunate to be the ‘special occasion’ destination for so many people, many of which have been dining with us since the start. We feel so privileged to be a part of their celebrations and look forward to celebrating with them all for a few more years before the curtains close.

AGFG: If you could dine anywhere in the world where would you go and why?

Hadleigh: Burnt Ends in Singapore. The chef/owner David Pynt, is a great mate and a brilliant chef. For me it is everything that I look for in a restaurant.

AGFG: What has been your proudest moment and why?

Hadleigh: Every time we host a ‘get together’ for our team I have a moment when I take a step back and take in all the people that make up the ‘Amusé Family.’ I am proud that I run a business that can provide for them and hopefully inspires them.