Fiesta then Siesta

Savour and enjoy the divine flavours of Spanish cuisine, whether snacking on mouth-watering morsels known as tapas, or divvying out portions of an all-in feast. Add a dash of Spanish flair to your next party with these simple crowd pleasing dishes and thirst quenching fiesta drinks.

Fiesta then Siesta

1.Chicken and Seafood Paella

An easy place to begin when creating Spanish cuisine for the first time, a paella is a sure winner for a fiesta with family and friends. While simplicity oozes through the recipe, the flavours are more than pleasing and large portions can be made at a time. If tastes vary, consider creating one seafood and one meat based dish to suit any palate.

2.Roasted Onions Stuffed with Parsley and Garlic Migas– Chef Recipe by José Pizarro

Surprise guests with these delightful bites, unexpected and sure to be loved. If dried apricots and pine nuts don’t take your fancy, stuff these babies with fried beef mince or cheese and walnuts like José Pizarro does.

3.Beef Cheeks in Red Wine Sauce with Cauliflower Puree– Chef Recipe by José Pizarro

Prepare this one in advance to ensure robust flavours through the hearty portions of your fiesta. Be sure to use a good quality wine that will transpose into succulent textures and see your meat pulling apart with mouth-watering ease.

4.Clara con Limon

A popular Summertime drink, refresh with a Clara, or rather, a lemon beer. Serving beer with lemonade keeps guests feeling refreshed and heads a bit clearer come the end of a long and sunny day. In further thought, this makes it not only a great pre-dining beverage, but a great choice for designated drivers early on.


Great for the whole family, this recipe details fruity sangria without the alcohol. If you want to make this sangria an adult’s only beverage to keep the party going, add in a fruity wine like rosé, a spirit with kick such as your favourite rum, gin or vodka, or a citrusy dash of Cointreau.

6.Spanish BBQ TortillabyDelishus at Richmond

Simple and filling, create as many of these easy tortillas, or potato and egg omelettes as needed to cut a generous slice for every guest. Should there be any left over, this dish also makes a great breakfast or lunch option for the following day.

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