Australia's Best Beaches

Experience some of the country's best sand, sun and surfing hotspots

One of the top tourist destinations in Australia is the beach, and with over 47,000 kilometres of coastline sporting amazing views, soft sand and surf, how could it not be? Australia has around 10,685 beaches around the country, many of them used for weekend fun and relaxation for both locals and travellers.

Australia's Best Beaches

Where are Australia's best beaches?

New South Wales has a variety of famous beaches, used for sunbaking and surfing. Byron, Bondi, Manly and Coogee are just some of the iconic NSW beaches, usually filled up on every weekend when the sun shines. The sunshine state, Queensland is also home to some of the best Australian beaches, pristine in both location and looks. Beaches such as Surfers Paradise, Noosa and Mooloolaba are scenically spectacular, perfect for spending a day on the sand or by the surrounding shops and cafes.

Further west, the majority of beaches in Western Australia are vast in length, making for a picturesque sunset. Cable Beach, Eighty Mile Beach and Monkey Mia are just a few of the must see destinations. Rest assured, whether you find yourself up north or down south, as long as you’re within distance to a coastline, you are guaranteed to find yourself a beach hotspot.

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