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3 Easy Prawn Recipes to Wow Easter Guests from Tassal

As we get ready for fun and frivolity, nothing says Easter more than Australian seafood!

Aussies will once again unite over a plate of prawns, make memories and strengthen relationships with loved ones during the Easter break and leading Australian seafood producer, Tassal, wants to make sure you dish up an incredible spread.

Leading the celebration is Chef, restaurateur, seafood lover and Tassal Ambassador, Guy Turland who shares his recipe for butterflied, crumbed prawn cutlets and sweet chilli sauce with AGFG home cooks.
3 Easy Prawn Recipes to Wow Easter Guests from Tassal

"Prawns are an integral part of our cultural identity in Australia and Easter is another opportunity to host family and friends for a meal, to connect and share a prawn or two around the table,” Guy explains.

"There is nothing more delicious than the taste of fresh Australian Tiger prawns - coming together to peel them over a laugh, or sitting down to a freshly cooked prawn dish at a friend’s home. Prawns are a communal dish and the ultimate conversation starter.”

3 Easy Prawn Recipes to Wow Easter Guests from Tassal
Be inspired to celebrate Easter with two sure-fire dinner-winner recipes from Tassal, whether you are a gourmet food enthusiast or simply seeking a nutritious family-friendly meal – brown butter prawn and asparagus pasta and BBQ prawn skewers with Mediterranean couscous.

Tassal Ambassador and leading dietitian, Susie Burrell says the nutritional richness of prawns is sometimes overlooked in shopping baskets when it is deemed an important superfood.

"Prawns offer a nutritional powerhouse for your meals or snacks, packed with flavour and health benefits. They are high in protein, low in fat and rich in essential vitamins,” she explains.
3 Easy Prawn Recipes to Wow Easter Guests from Tassal
Incorporating prawns into your diet contributes to a balanced and heart-healthy lifestyle.

"Aussie Tiger prawns are an excellent source of protein, offering more than 20 grams in just 5-6 large prawns.

"With heart-friendly omega-3 fatty acids, they help ensure your family gets enough iron, zinc and vitamin E. Prawns are a great staple protein that turn any meal into a fresh and nutritious dish.”

We don’t need convincing…make sure to net some yourself in time for Easter!
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