An Australian Chocolate Adventure

Sweet treats on your travels

Not a well known fact to many travellers, but Australia has a wide assortment of chocolate tourism destinations, just waiting for you to melt and come inside to indulge. Adelaide gets the gold for having the most chocolate related destinations in Australia, most of them complete with tours and fresh chocolate treats available at the end. Perth and Melbourne are also home to some delightful chocolate companies so jump aboard and relive the tale of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

An Australian Chocolate Adventure

Where can I go on a chocolate tour in Australia?

Adelaide is home to Haigh’s chocolate factory, a well renowned and loved source of chocolate for many Australians, particularly those from Adelaide. A free 20 minute tour is offered at Haigh’s, where you can find out a bit more about the company, how chocolate is made and most importantly, have some free chocolate at the end. Close to Haigh’s is Melba’s Chocolates and Confectionary Factory, which allows visitors to see the old heritage chocolate and confectionary equipment in action…and taste the results. Many tour operators in Melbourne and Perth offer visitors a chance to sample chocolate and all chocolate related material on a day long chocolate tour of different sweet destinations. Be careful not to combine your tour with running or follow it up with a trip to a theme park.