Indigenous Art in the Northern Territory

Discover the raw talent of Aboriginal Australia

The Northern Territory is Australia’s best known region for holding a vast amount of both traditional and contemporary Indigenous Aboriginal art, art communities and indigenous galleries. From Aboriginal rock art amidst the great outdoors to interpretive culture centres full of art and artists at work, the Northern Territory’s abundance of Indigenous art makes it a unique and rich area of Australia for those wishing to learn more about beliefs and dreamtime stories of the Aboriginal people.

Indigenous Art in the Northern Territory

Where are some Indigenous art communities in the Northern Territory?

The world famous Arlpwe Art and Culture Centre in the remote aboriginal community of Ali Curung is owned and operated by local Indigenous people who wish to keep the spirit and beliefs of their community alive by hosting the works of local artists. Paintings, pottery and artifacts are held within the culture centre, with visitors receiving the opportunity to talk in person with the artists who sometimes use the centre as a work space. Similar community art centres are scattered throughout the territory, particularly in the remote areas of land occupied and owned by the Aboriginal people.

Arnhem Land is the well known area of the Northern Territory for traditional bark paintings, including an extensive collection of limited edition prints currently produced in Australia, with the Alice Springs home to many forms of traditional and contemporary Indigenous art, including performance and visual arts.

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