Maggie Beer's Best Autumn Relish

Autumn brings an abundance of fresh produce, from avocados and melons to eggplant, capsicums and broccoli. There is nothing better than enjoying a picnic on a blanket under your favourite tree, with a basket overflowing with cheese, wine, crackers and homemade relish on the side. Who better to ask for a favourite relish recipe than Australia’s doyen of cooking - Maggie Beer.

Our Top 5 Autumn Country Escapes

As you pull on your jacket again and swap your sandals for boots, take a seasonal sea change and embrace Autumn with a weekend escape. Whether it’s a romantic getaway for two, an adventure packed boys’ weekend, a girls’ weekend to re-connect, or a trip to enjoy with the family, we have you covered from the Gold Coast’s hinterland to the coastline of Tasmania.

Say Konnichiwa to these 10 Japanese Restaurants

As pale pink blossoms appear on cherry trees, it is hard to think of Spring in Japan without taking in the annual festivals celebrating this nation’s iconic symbol. While Down Under it is the opposite season and beginning of Autumn, diners can still get in the cherry blossom mood at Japanese restaurants around the country, sampling delights ranging from sushi to teppanyaki and beyond.

Where to Get the Best Sake Sips

Traditionally drank in a small cup called a sakazuki, sake is a popular drink of choice in most bars or restaurants and often used throughout the year for important celebrations like that of Hanami. This is a short window of about 3 or 4 weeks when Japan is covered in flowering cherry blossoms. During this time, locals are encouraged to take a day of “hanai” and sit beneath a cherry tree drinking sake with friends. What a life!

Japanese Grilled Skewers 4 Ways

Japanese grilled skewers (Yakitori) are traditionally cooked over a charcoal fire and are primarily chicken, but these skewers can be put together with any ingredients to your liking - so here's four ways (plus a sneaky "non-skewered" recipe).