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We Salute the Heroes of Bondi Junction and Mourn Those Lost

From the Editor, Leigh O’Connor.

Like everyone else around the country, we here at AGFG mourn those who tragically lost their lives in the Bondi Junction mass stabbing on Saturday.

Who would have thought a weekend trip to your local shopping centre would end in six people not coming home and 12 more injured when knife-wielding Joel Cauchi went on his rampage against innocent shoppers, including women and children.

In all this carnage, there is a clear message…Australians won’t stand for this type of violence and that was evident in the brave actions of countless people on Saturday, including Inspector Amy Scott who single-handedly confronted the attacker as he roamed the floors of Bondi Junction.

We Salute the Heroes of Bondi Junction and Mourn Those Lost
What also is very obvious is people are willing to help, from the two men who cared for the nine-month-old daughter of Ash Good as her mother lay dying to Bondi lifeguard Andrew Reid who talked a Myer’s employee into letting him out of the locked-down store to tend to victims.

Who can also forget the two French men, on their way to the gym, who grabbed bollards and tried to stop Cauchi from making his way up an escalator as he continued his frenzy and the bystander who grabbed a chair and followed Inspector Scott as she chased the perpetrator down.

From the courageous first responders to the police and members of the public we salute you and honour your actions…to the families of those who did not come home, we grieve with you and feel your loss as do all Australians.

Now is a time to reflect on all that is good in our lives, to celebrate family and friends and to remember that life is short…tomorrow is not guaranteed!

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