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Valentine's Day 2014: Aphrodisiacs

Spice up the weekend with your Valentine.

Remember the days when Valentine’s Day just meant flowers and chocolate for your sweetheart? Well they are long gone! Expectations are higher, a dinner or lunch necessary and that bottle of champagne a must.

For those that have no idea what they are doing for their loved one this year, head over here, we give you a few tips and tricks and point you in the direction of some great Valentine’s Day specials.

Aphrodisiacs are as old as the Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite. In our modern age they are refuted more and more by scientists, but come on let’s not let the scientists spoil our romantic fun!

Valentine's Day 2014: AphrodisiacsSo here are our top Aphrodisiacs:

Firstly chocolate, what else right? Chocolate makes us feel good all over – much like being in love (or lust – whichever you’re into this Valentine’s Day). So why not delve into a wickedly delightful chocolate fondue – everyone sells them these days. Or wanting to put some of your love into your own cooking? You could try our Frozen Raspberry Truffles or Gu Pear Belle Helene with Chocolate Genache recipes.

What goes just great with a fondue? Strawberries! Any food, lovingly hand fed to your partner is certain to ignite the flames of passion, if you’re not one for hand feeding… seems a bit 90’s romcom doesn’t it? Maybe consider our Strawberry Salsa or Sweet Strawberry Pies.

Valentine's Day 2014: Aphrodisiacs

Oysters – the aphrodisiac everyone knows about but seems to steer away from. Make a point of feasting on these beauties this year round, you could try them freshly shucked and served on a bed of crushed ice with just a squeeze of lemon or for something different try a French inspired eschallot vinegar or a Japanese dressing of mirin and grated white daikon.

Last but not least is Champagne, which just goes down beautifully with everything mentioned above, really how can you not enjoy popping a bottle, feasting on oysters and then for those with a sweet tooth, washing it all down with strawberries and chocolate? An absolutely perfect evening! Happy Valentine’s day.

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