The Perfect Christmas Party

If you’re the host of a Christmas Party this year, you’ll know the anxiety and sweat that comes with putting on the year’s biggest bash of food, alcohol, conversation and entertainment. Whether it be with the family, work colleagues or perhaps the whole street, we’ve got some tips for you that will help you make it a memorable and perfect party (just don’t do it so well that people ask you to host every year – just kidding!)

First things first:

The Perfect Christmas Party

Alcohol. It really makes the difference, serve your guests upon arrival with an alcoholic beverage (or non-alcoholic festive punch) and it will ensure a smooth and jovial party to follow. Immediately guests will feel welcome, have something to put their hands around and have a conversation starter, especially if they are entering a party full of unknown people.

Cherries are the pick of this Christmas season so welcome your drinking guests with a cherry margarita and for those not partaking (and children) a grape summer punch will go down just as well.

For other beverages, fill large jugs with ice and frozen fruit and leave them around the party so people can just serve themselves water, soft drink or punch – just make sure to keep an eye on them before they’re empty!

The Food:

The Perfect Christmas Party

Snacks are key! Keep the masses happy with easy to eat in one bite snacks that are friendly to all tastes. Your guests may enjoy picking from a charcuterie board, just like many will delve into crab dip with bagel chips, falafels, fruit mince pies and festive macadamia popcorn. We particularly like these creative chocolate dipped mandarins which can be supplemented for any fruit in season. If none of these take your fancy for your guests, just check out our recipe section for snacks and finger foods!

The Perfect Christmas Party

For the main event, why not stray from sit down traditions like roasts and go for meats that are skewered and easy to handle? Everyone loves a roast but sometimes it’s nice to be able to eat without a knife and fork, our favourite roasts are here, but we’ll be cooking up BBQ prawn skewers with salsa verde, chicken, kaffir lime and apricot skewers and Portuguese style BBQ chicken skewers this time around.

The Perfect Christmas Party

Desserts can be delicious at any baking level, if you want to go all out try a black forest cake, however if you want to go with individual portions where less mess will left behind, a black forest cupcake serves the sweet tooth's just as well. Give our Christmas desserts list a go here.

The Entertainment:

If conversation isn’t going to keep everyone entertained, why not save the Christmas gifts to be opened during your party instead? Then everyone will have something to amuse themselves with and talk about – if your party isn’t at home, Secret Santa works just as well or bring out your set of backyard (beach) cricket, a football, some water guns and mix it in with some upbeat music (with some carols of course) and you’re entertainment will be set!

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