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Rock Pools in New South Wales

Walk amongst the state's marine playground

Mainly discovered in the many rocky crevices of beach land, rock pools are a fascinating display of marine life and an important habitat area for many creatures. Due to the sheer number of New South Wales beaches, there are a number of rock pools just waiting for you to discover what lives inside.

Rock Pools in New South Wales

Where are the rock pools in New South Wales?

Rich in diversity, rock pools are best explored on the New South Wales south coast. The Sapphire Coast is dotted with blue waters and a variety of accompanying rock pools. Here sits many of New South Wales’ best and brightest rock pools. Mollymook, also in the state’s south, is home to Bogey Hole, a large rock pool situated on the headlands. Ideal for exploring and meandering on the rocks, Bogey Hole is located at Colliers Beach, where it was originally used by Aboriginal people as a swimming spot and trap for fish, shellfish and crustaceans.

Mimosa Rocks National Park in Bermagui has some of the most tranquil rock pools in New South Wales, the most prominent of which is known as Blue Pool, which sits alongside a backdrop of charming coastal scenery. Further north, North Wollongong has several rock pools, largely situated on the southern rocks, that are perfect for a family day out.

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