Product Review: Fardoulis Chocolates

Unrivalled in reputation for crafting superior, distinctive and great tasting chocolate is Fardoulis Chocolates. With the idea to create a unique after dinner mint for restaurants and cafes, Fardoulis was born and with quick growth their chocolates became the perfect gift and guilty pleasure.

Product Review: Fardoulis Chocolates

With scrumptious fillings such as raspberry truffle, cookies and cream, caramel mousse, hazelnut praline wafer and passionfruit crème to choose from, Fardoulis Chocolate’s are one of our top 6 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for the Foodie.

For those that love cooking with chocolate, we gave Fardoulis’ dark chocolate range a test run in the kitchen and it was a delicious success. To create some truly decadent chocolate pancakes check out our recipe here.

AGFG’s Resident Chef Shawn Sheather reviews:

"Normally a dark chocolate has an extremely bitter aftertaste, Fardoulis dark chocolate doesn't have this intensity so it has more appeal to the sensitive palate which allows for versatility in the kitchen. As a chef this means that I can pair it with more flavours and diversify the dish."

Fardoulis’ dark chocolate range was definitely versatile in the kitchen, if you’re playing with the fillings range why not chop up the cookies and cream and garnish pancakes along with vanilla ice cream and strawberries?

To experience the ultimate touch of luxury on your lips this Valentine's Day, check out their website:

Product Review: Fardoulis Chocolates