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Art Galleries in Australia

Portraits of our nation

Whether your art interest comes under the form of sculptures, paintings or new media, a trip to an Australian gallery is essential. From Australian colonial artworks to the modern day works seen in form of graphic design, Australia is home to many notable artists who have shaped a unique portrayal of Australian culture and identity. Each state and territory has their own art gallery, with the National Gallery of Australia located in Canberra holding more than 120,000 works of art, including many indigenous art works. Each state capital’s gallery showcases a range of travelling exhibits and artworks depicting life in Australia as well as international exhibitions from around the world.

Art Galleries in Australia

Contemporary Australian art galleries

Aside from being exhibited in the national gallery, many contemporary Australian artworks are located in galleries such as Adelaide’s Jam Factory, the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art and the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art in Melbourne. Outback galleries in Australia concentrate on featuring fascinating displays of colours, landscapes, native animals and people by local artists who have captured the spirit of the Australian outback. Melbourne is the hub of eclectic artworks in Australia and is also home to a variety of modern and contemporary art galleries, featuring a wide variety of work.

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