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Cin Cin to Cocktail Week!

From the Editor, Leigh O’Connor.

It’s that magical time of the day…the sun is setting and dusk brings peace and quiet to the end of the working week.

It’s the perfect opportunity for a cocktail, or two! Cin cin, it’s Cocktail Week at AGFG and do we have some great tips, recipes and articles to share with you.

Marie-Antoinette Issa takes us around the world in mixed drinks – from an Aperol Spritz in Italy to Mexican Margaritas, these classic cocktails from around the globe are both a perfect option for those after a cool drink and an insight into the local culture.
Cin Cin to Cocktail Week!

She also delivers the ultimate guide and expert tips on pairing cocktails with complementary foods – just like wine, matching the characteristics of your favourite cocktail with a complementary dish can enhance both the drinking and dining experience.

Find out all the ins and outs from Julene Andres, Manager of Sydney’s Bar Lucia to help you become a master of mixology and culinary harmony. If you are not sure what glass to serve your concoction in, we have you covered along with how to build a bar at home for the ultimate cocktail session.

Ever wondered where swizzle sticks originated from and why we use them? Joseph Steele takes us on a journey of discovery from swizzle sticks to clarified cocktails, plus seven cocktail recipes to get the party started.

Looking for a great spot for a Sunday session? We serve up six venues where Sunday is always a fun day, along with the best wine bars to chill out with a cheeky cocktail and where to find live music this weekend.

Cin Cin to Cocktail Week!
For those who dream of cooking a meal just like what they eat at their favourite restaurant, there are many Chefs and restaurants around the country who are adding cooking classes to their repertoire as home cooks want to expand their culinary horizons and dish up new temptations to serve family and friends.

Check out three venues where you can learn to make pasta like a pro…you’re welcome!

Cheers to a week filled with cocktails, good food and company.

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