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Big Things in Queensland

Australia's cult attractions

Scattered throughout Australia, the Big Things are a miscellaneous selection of oversized sculptures, usually accompanied by a specialty store or activity park. First used as a tourist trap for those passing along major Australian roads, these sculptures or structures usually reflect a particular food, animal or object for which the particular area is renowned. From Yatala’s Big Pie to Kingaroy’s Big Peanut, Queensland is full of Big Things, so if looking for an activity that delves from the usual, then a road rip to see as many as you can is for you. These road trips have become a sort of cult phenomenon amongst families and visitors who want to travel Australia, stay entertained and have a consistently unique backdrop for photos.

Big Things in Queensland

What are some 'Big Things' in Queensland?

True to Australian form, your Big Things trip mustn’t come to an end until some of the following iconically Australian items have been seen and snapped. Maryborough in Queensland’s north is home of the Big Ned Kelly, Australia’s most notorious bushranger, with the Big Slouch Hat also located north in Mackay. Down in south Queensland, Eight Mile Plains is home of the Big Redback, with the Ettamogah Pub in Queensland’s Palmview more than a novelty sized pub replica, serving up a selection of beverages and meals.

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