4 Ways to Become the Hospitality Superhero You Know You Are

 HELP! Save your local restaurant – here’s how!

4 Ways to Become the Hospitality Superhero You Know You Are

Across the country, restaurant owners are working around the clock in an effort to keep their businesses alive.  

Although they have been forced to shut their doors, kitchens have remained open in a bid to continue trade by providing customers (that’s you!) takeaway and delivery options.

In times like these, we need superheroes – like you!

We know you can’t fly, morph or time travel but, you can still be a ‘real-life’ superhero.

Heres how you can become the hospitality superhero you know you are:

  1. Order DIRECT

Did you know that some third-party delivery services take up to 30-35% commission per order!?  Make sure you order online using a service that does not sting restaurants with unfair commissions. Wowapps is one such provider.

When you order direct it will ensure every penny of your social distancing dollars goes where it is needed most.

  1. Recommend Your Local Favourite to Friends and Family

Reviews and recommendations are the lifeblood of the hospitality industry. Friends and family trust your option over strangers, the probability of them grabbing a takeaway on the back of your raving review is much more likely. 

  1. Order in Bulk and Freeze it

Not only is this a great way to get a chunk of cash to restaurants when they need it, it also means you can curb your cravings at the push of a microwave button, even if it is at 4 am… hey, we don’t judge!

  1. Purchase a Voucher

We may be in the midst of a global pandemic, but people will still be looking to celebrate milestones such as birthdays and anniversaries. Let’s face it, once this is all over people are going to use any excuse to get out of the house, and a voucher to their favourite café or restaurant may just be what the doctor ordered!

So, grab your cloak, pop on your mask and transform yourself into the hospitality superhero you know you are!