2014 Chef Hats Announced

The results are in! Forks down, tummy’s bulging and belts loosened, Australia’s 2014 award winning restaurants are as follows…

497 restaurants have been awarded Chef Hats in 2014, down nineteen from 2013. Yes 2013 posed a challenging year for restaurateurs, which saw the closure of some of Australia’s most esteemed and longstanding award winning establishments, Claudes (NSW), Universal (NSW), The Loose Box (WA) and Jacque Reymonds (VIC) among them. Significant changes for others included Bentley, the Press Club, and Dan Hunters departure from the Royal Mail Hotel.

Numerous openings however were enjoyed across the country, with Western Australia seeing the most notable number of restaurant openings throughout 2013. A shift continues away from fine dining and towards more humble offering, but notwithstanding Australia’s chefs continue to push the boundaries of culinary excellence and innovation.

2014 Chef Hats Announced

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