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Nutella Ravioli - Chef Recipe by Richard Wagemaker

Nutella Ravioli - Chef Recipe by Richard Wagemaker


120 g double 00 flour
660 ml water
11 ml extra virgin olive oil
1.5 g yeast
2 g salt
480 g Nutella
600 ml full cream milk
120 g Elenka gelato mix or milk powder
90 g sugar
1 vanilla bean pod
500 g raspberries
120 g sugar crystals
100 g blueberries
Cotton seed oil for frying
Vanilla infused icing sugar for garnish


Berry Soil:

Place 100 g of blueberries and 100 g of raspberries in a dehydrator for 10 hours at 45 C. Blitz berries with a food processor to make fine crumbs.


Mix milk, gelato mixture, sugar and vanilla bean together. Raise temperature to 65 C, cool and rest for two hours.

Churn with a gelato machine and set in the freezer.

Raspberry Sauce:

Cook remaining raspberries with crystal sugar until they form a thick syrup.


Place flour and yeast in a mixer and mix for 5 minutes, add water and combine to form a dough.

Add salt and extra virgin olive oil, mix for 2 minutes, then rest for 20 minutes.

Split the dough in two, using a rolling pin flatten it to 3 mm thick.

Using a tablespoon, place 24 portions of Nutella on the one piece of the dough, flatten the other piece and cover the Nutella. Cut into ravioli shapes.

Heat oil to 180 C in a deep fryer. Fry ravioli until golden.

Place ravioli on a serving plate with a scoop of gelato, drizzle with sauce and top with berry soil.

Recipe provided by Rhonda's Bar