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Summon the Baron with Baron Samedi Spiced Rum

Summon the Baron with Baron Samedi Spiced Rum


30 mL Baron Samedi Spiced*
120 mL Premium Ginger Beer


Combine ingredients in a short glass and fill with cubed ice. Garnish with a lime wedge.

*Our Top Tips to Enjoy Spiced Rum:

Enjoy it neat and warm:

Arguably the only way to enjoy spiced rum is neat and at room temperature. Sipping slowly and at a warm temperature helps release the flavour and aroma of a spiced rum. Unlike tasting wine, holding the glass in your hand to slowly warm the rum through is encouraged.

The Classic Spiced Old Fashioned:

A new take on the classic cocktail that is loved by many. Using Baron Samedi Spiced, add a splash of water, Angostura bitters and some sugar to enjoy a simple but balanced cocktail. This new classic brings sugar and spice together to form a delicious and easy way to warm up your Winter.

Mix it up:

While nothing beats a glass of Baron Samedi Spiced, for those new to the spiced rum game combining with a mixer can be the perfect way to start the journey. Combining with your favourite mixer is an easy way to experiment. Why not start out with crowd favourites Cola or Ginger Beer, each compliments the already bold flavour of the spiced rum so not to take away from the spiced rum experience.

Feeling Rocky?

Freshen things up by adding ice to a glass of Baron Samedi Spiced. Be sure to pour the rum over the ice and stir for 20 rotations with a cocktail stirrer to cool the rum before enjoying. Rug up in front of a fire and sip on the smoothness of a cool spiced rum.

Sip it!

Feeling game? Take, Baron Samedi’s Spiced for example, a robust yet smooth finished spirit. It is mixed with vanilla, cocoa, cinnamon, clove and signature spice. A simply delicious flavour even when raw and unmixed. It’s the perfect spiced rum to sip on.

Credits: Baron Samedi

Photo Credits: Baron Samedi