The Take Away Way

August 2012

Food-to-Go a Bit Healthier

With everyone either working longer hours or tending to the children, when we’ve had a busy day and nothing is in the pantry, sometimes it seems the only option is to grab some takeaways.

In most cases these are not healthy choices so below are some tips in trying to make your food choices are little bit healthier.

Take away food can be healthy, so don't hestitate to ask for delicious options based on the tips below. Let the AGFG be your Restaurant Guide when you need to eat-on-the-go.

The Take Away Way

Chinese and Thai

Avoid anything battered and deep fried, have plain rice instead of fried and avoid coconut cream based dishes.

Fish and Chips

Ask for grilled fish instead of fried and eat large chips as these are lower in fat than thin chips.


Don’t get the drive-through version, choose a more traditional Aussie burger with lots of salad and forget bacon, egg, and cheese as extras.


Always choose the thin base, avoid the fatty meat options such as Meat Lovers, and ask for less cheese. You can always ask for more vegetables on the pizza.


Lastly, Indian is probably the worst of all in terms of takeaway, so be careful; they use ghee, which is butter, lots of cream, and crushed cashews. These dishes tend to be very high in salt, with fatty meat and very little vegetables, as well as fried breads. These are the kinds of dishes I advise to avoid as much as possible when it comes to healthy takeaway.

When you do dine in at your favourite local Indian restaurant, keep your health consciousness about you when ordering with the basic considerations mentioned above. Or rather, cook creative Indian cuisine at home...

Incentive to fill your pantry, try Annette Sym's sumptuous Indian Tikka Chicken recipe. Served with basmati rice and side salad, it is one of her top 10 favourite meals.

The Take Away Way