Thank Cod, it’s Fryday! Five Recipes to Try for National Fish and Chip Day, on Friday June 4, 2021.

By Leigh O’Connor.

It’s time to celebrate the humble takeaway that is a staple go-to for most Aussie families…Friday, June 4 is National Fish and Chip Day. 

When we mullet over, Aussies have had a long love affair with all things from the ocean, so much so that a Melbourne fish and chip shop still holds the Guinness World Record for selling and serving 12,105 portions in one day back in 1996.

However, it is a British restaurant that takes the title for the largest serving of fish and chips – in 2018, a group of Birmingham Chefs sourced a giant 47.75 kg halibut, covered it in batter and placed it on a supersized bed of chips.

For a reely fin-tastic dinner to celebrate on Friday, try one of these five fish and chip recipes:

Thank Cod, it’s Fryday! Five Recipes to Try for National Fish and Chip Day, on Friday June 4, 2021.
 Battered snapper and triple-cooked chips from Wheelers Seafood Restaurant.
There’s nothing that tastes better than biting into perfectly battered fish and crunchy chips and this recipe for battered snapper fillet, triple-cooked chips, pea purée and tartar sauce from Wheelers Seafood Restaurant is not only delicious, but very easy to put on a plate.

Don’t skimp on making the tartar…it is very simple to do and along with the pea purée adds to the flavour of the dish. If you don’t want to cook on Friday, head to Wheelers on the shores of Merimbula Lake for a fresh seafood platter, locally grown and nurtured oysters, or lime tempura battered prawns, with a crisp noodle salad and sweet chilli sauce. 

Beer is a popular ingredient in batters used to coat foods before frying, the bubbles in the beer add body and lightness to the mixture, making for a crisp finish. This recipe for AHBH beer battered fish and chips uses All Hands Brewing House Hump Day IPA Beer, along with soda water to make the ideal coating for your favourite fish.

Tempura is a distinctively thin batter usually made from cold water, flour and a beaten egg, creating a crispy and light coating. Try this dish of tempura fish and chips with homemade tartar sauce and pickled onions to send taste buds off the scale and anchor celebrations on Friday with a reely enticing dinner.

A smoky maple dressing combining red wine vinegar, liquid smoke and maple syrup makes this recipe for beer battered snapper goujons, Japanese tartar and gem lettuce salad extra special; best accompanied by these homemade French fries made with red delight, or Sebago potatoes.

Not in the mood for cooking to celebrate National Fish and Chip Day? To find a seafood restaurant near you, click here.