Six Vietnamese Desserts You Never Knew About

There are many types of Vietnamese desserts, most of which incorporate fruit. We’ve strayed from fresh fruits to give you quick and simple recipes for classic sweet Vietnamese treats you probably never knew about.

Six Vietnamese Desserts You Never Knew About

1) Vietnamese Egg Coffee

Served in cafes throughout Hanoi, egg coffee has been popular since the 1950s. The cup of coffee mixture sits inside an extra bowl of hot water to help keep it heated for longer. Add a tantalisingly creamy texture to your coffee today and try out a rich coffee in Vietnamese style.

2) Che Vai Hat Sen - Vietnamese Lotus Seed Sweet Soup with Lychee

Che refers to any sweet drink, dessert soup or pudding made from particular ingredients; this particular recipe uses lychees, palm sugar, lotus and pandan. Try this dessert as a jelly substitute on hot days.

3) Pandan Banh Bo Nuong – Vietnamese Honeycomb Cake Don’t be disheartened if the texture doesn’t turn out right the first time. A little bit of practise and your honeycomb cakes will boast delicate, thin lines through the middle that are sure to impress. The vibrant green colour is eye-catching, making it great for serving at parties and celebrations.

4) Vietnamese Cat Tongue Cookies

Sweet and delicate with a satisfying crunch, make hundreds of cat tongue cookies at a time and store them in a sealed jar to serve to unexpected guests with an egg coffee or pot of tea. Head off on a picnic with a stash of these as a sweet way to end a lovely day.

5) Sticky Rice Balls

Mix up these sticky rice balls however you like – fill with red bean paste, sesame paste, peanuts or simply enjoy them plain. Colour them with dyes for themed occasions, roll them in coconut or sprinkle with sesame seeds. These little rice balls are easy to make and easy to transform to suit your tastes.

6) Sweet Agar Agar with Coconut and Pandan

Appealing to look at with layers of white and green, the agar helps this dessert to solidify at room temperature. The white layer of coconut feels rich and creamy on the palate while the pandan provides an earthy, almost nutty flavour. Test out this recipe, then go one step further with a coffee flavoured layer.

Compiled by Julie Johnson.

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