Seven Summer Salads to Savour

Say goodbye to the same old Summer salads day in and day out with our seven Summer salads to savour! Filled with seasonal ingredients, tangy sauces, tender meats and more, there is a tasty salad to enjoy every day of the week that will be sure to leave your tastebuds singing.

Seven Summer Salads to Savour

1. Char-grilled Strawberry and Rocket Salad with Pita– Chef Recipe by Simon Bryant

Try this take on fresh strawberries with a delicious smoky flavour. It’s a great way to use up the last punnet left in the bottom of the fridge and fresh herbs for a fragrant twist.

2. Poached Chicken Salad– Recipe by Indira Naidoo

Toss the vibrant ingredients of this leafy green salad and savour the lively Thai inspired flavours.

3. Baby Beets with Broad Beans and Labneh

Fun and tasty, enjoy this earthy combination with creamy labneh to set off a stunning side dish or entrée.

4. Cold Chinese Summer Noodles

Pack this hearty salad into lunch boxes, take it on a picnic to divvy out among family and friends or down to the beach for an easy and fresh meal with Summer flavours.

5. Smoked Duck and Peach Salad

Make the most of stone fruits while they are in abundance with this light and colourful mouth-watering smoked duck and peach salad.

6. Cherry Quinoa Salad with Lamb

A heavier salad, this one makes a great main with succulent lamb and ripe cherries to fill growling stomachs with a nutty quinoa taste.

7. Summer Prawn Salad with Caramelised Macadamias

An easy starter salad to any lunchtime feast, this salad is a classic mix of popular Aussie ingredients with caramelised macadamias giving a sweet and crunchy kick.

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