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Queenscliff Charity Event Easter 2010

Easter is a time for Charity

The jewel of the Queenscliff Seafood Feast and Seafood Show is Charity Restaurant. Opening on Good Friday, April 2nd for six days only, Melbourne’s Historic Queenscliff Pier will become a restaurant in an Australian-first charity event.Combining exceptional ocean views and a gastronomic journey of Australia’s finest seafood cuisine,the end of Queenscliff Pier will be transformed this Easter into a sophisticated seafood restaurant and conference facility.

A premier destination for six days Charity Restaurant will cover the pier with marquees and serve thousands of patrons at separate lunch and dinner sittings in an unprecedented event. This event is at the philanthropic forefront and will see the creation of Australia’s only restaurant over the ocean, with proceeds being donated to charities including the Geelong Hospital Appeal, Parks and People Foundation, Australian Volunteer Coastguards and the Starlight Children Foundation Australia. The restaurant will run in conjunction with Queenscliff’s annual seafood feast, with diners to enjoy an emphasis on fresh local fish as well as other produce and wine from the region.

Each 300-head sitting will donate proceeds to a worthy cause, including hospitals in Geelong and Melbourne. On Wednesday 7th April all proceeds from the event will be donated to the Starlight Children’s Foundation. Charity Restaurant will connect people who care with causes that matter to the community. Their vision is a sustainable and inclusive community. Their mission is to strengthen our community by connecting people.

Tax-deductible tickets range from $70 - $150. Sittings are available for both lunch and dinner over the course of 6 days. The dress code for lunch is smart casual and for dinner semi formal or business.

Bookings can be made online at and group discounts apply for groups of over ten.

Queenscliff Charity Event Easter 2010 Queenscliff Charity Event Easter 2010

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