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Our Best Ever Mother's Day Collection

Forget flashy gifts and air balloon rides, a golden pie that fills the house with the smell of baked fruit and pastry is just about the best way to say what’s hard to put into words. It might be breakfast in bed, or just a moment of absolute indulgence, regardless of the recipe though, as always it’s the thought that counts. Remember, food always tastes better when it’s cooked with love.Our Best Ever Mother's Day Collection

Apple Tarte Tatin

This recipe is one that My Kitchen Rules’ judge Manu Feildel’s Mother has made for him, now armed with the knowhow, we can carry on the tradition. According to Manu, it’s a lavish dessert that can also double as a naughty breakfast treat, if you’re brave enough.

Black Truffle Fried Egg with Mushrooms and Creamy Blue Cheese

A more decadent way to fry an egg will be hard to find. Ideal for Mum’s who enjoy their brekky in bed with a fresh newspaper and an even fresher glass of orange juice. Truffles and blue cheese, two things that are definitely for a Mum who likes the finer things in life.

Chocolate Cake with Toasted Marshmallows

Mother’s Day is the day that Mum can say, ‘nope,’ to whatever she feels like and ‘yes’ to a thick chocolate cake with toasted marshmallows. This one is not for everyday use, its rich chocolate ganache delivers a moment of well-earned selfishness. Handle with care.

French Crepes

The great thing about crepes is how easy they are to make. This recipe is perfect for those who have graduated from crayon cards and need to step it up a notch, though maybe Dad or another adult should be around to demonstrate how high a crepe can go when it’s flipped by an expert.

Macadamia Shortbread Hearts

The crumbly sweetness of shortbread is a sure-fire way to please anyone, so shaping them into hearts for Mother’s Day can hardly go wrong. The added benefit is a good batch can keep giving long after the special day has passed. Also, Mum might share some. 

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