Our 5 Favourite Burgers to Make at Home

A working week of hunger busting burgers.

If you just can’t get enough of gobbling down busty burgers bursting with big flavours, it’s time to take your passion to the home kitchen. Peruse through our list of burger recipes below and find inspiration among a tantalising selection to re-create yourself. Better yet, prepare a party of patties in advance and pack yourself up a burger kit to assemble at work for every day of the week. Come Tuesday, you’ll have everyone asking what’s in your hands and where you got it from, yet you won’t have to share a bite!

Our 5 Favourite Burgers to Make at Home

Paprika Chicken and Avocado Burgerfrom Hamburger Gourmet by David Japy, Elodie Rambaud and Victor Garnier.

Opt for chicken and cheese with a gourmet twist in this Tex-Mex style hunger busting burger. Deviate from a classic beef patty with this delectable combination of spiced chicken, gouda, avocado, hot as hot tabasco sauce, guacamole and more.

Eggplant Burgersfrom The Fitchen by Jordan and Clark.

Go vego! Hey, don’t knock it ‘til you’ve tried it. Vegetables can be tasty burger patties too, and often can make for a more economic option than meat. Experiment with eggplant first, before branching out to other options like beetroot and quinoa for example, still loaded with all of your favourite toppings, tangy mustards and sauce.

Blue Cheese and Basil Burgerfrom Hamburger Gourmet by David Japy, Elodie Rambaud and Victor Garnier.

Inspired by flavours of French heritage, fancy up your burger venturing with Bleu d’Auvergne blue cheese and a pinch of basil. Just these two elements alone change the whole burger taste dynamics, so be sure to pair them with top quality mincemeat, and if you can find it, some silky brioche burger buns for an all-encompassing artisan bite.

Big Aussie Beef Burgerfrom Meat by Adrian Richardson.

Consider saving this burger to enjoy for lunch on gym day, pre-packing you with protein from the likes of smoky bacon, lean mince beef and egg – and that’s just in the patty! Load it with more bacon, a fried egg (if you have equipment to do this at work) and then top it all off with your favourite salads, caramelised onion, Dijon mustard and cheese. The last step is finding a way to fit it in your mouth without getting anything on your shirt. Bibs recommended.

Millet Burgers with Miso and Pumpkin Saucefrom Janella’s Wholefood Kitchen by Janella Purcell.

Go weird and wonderful with these Japanese inspired burgers. No wasabi here - unless you want to add it in of course - but there are plenty of other Japanese-like flavours to love and devour with enthusiasm. Think Japanese pumpkin, miso, everyone’s favourite sake, freshly grated ginger and brown rice that will surely take you on a culinary journey across the seas.