News: Clipsal 500 Race Begins

February 26 - March 1.

As you read this the Australian V8 Ute Racing Series practice round 1 is over and you’ll be well on your way to watching the newest addition to Clipsal: the Toyo Tires Super Trucks.

It wouldn’t be supercar racing without the prancing horse as Ferrari celebrates its return to Clipsal 500 this year where it will display its dynamic F1 show featuring international drivers, along with the world’s rarest Supercars: the 288 GTO, F40, F50 and ‘LaFerrari.’(Ferrari Parade Saturday & Sunday morning at 8:30am).

Ferrari has specially designed a Ferrari kidszone, where it will host a special series of Ferrari ‘Drive for Kids’ Cavalcade for charity.

Clipsal 500 runs from Feb 26 to March 1, it’s the perfect day out for the family, race enthusiasts or even the Cold Chisel fans as the remaining members will be welcomed to the Clipsal 500 starters grid on Pit Straight before the commencement of the race.

From Friday, Channel 10 will be covering Clipsal 500 from 12pm each day, commentary includes Mark Webber, Rick Kelly, Matt White and Mark Larkham.

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News: Clipsal 500 Race Begins

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